James Manalisay has a holistic medicine diploma from The East Bay Academy of Holistic Medicine, a private organization by Dr Richard Fox and Dr Larry Gertler.  With over 20 years of experience working with muscle response testing, allergy correction, acupuncture meridians, body types and emotional health, James has developed packaged media that most anyone can use from home or office. His goal is to strengthen people's health, remove blocks around financial success, improve your relationships, heal confidence barriers and rebalance the spirit. Using a few combinations of effective 5 minute wellness protocols, James can support us, through helping ourselves. The techniques James offers are detailed in downloadable kits and video educational media, which simplify in minutes, how to reverse years of energetic damage, layers of blocks and many other imbalances which hold us back in life.

“A.C.T. we not only reprogram self limiting beliefs, we can instantly repair chronic health imbalances people get under stress.”  

The San Francisco Examiner

“simple procedures that don’t require injections, disrobing or physical adjustments...”  

86º Degree Magazine

“His methods are simple, elegant, quick, effective and non-toxic.  They are also extremely reasonably priced considering the complexity and severity of the symptoms he is treating.”  

Dr Jacqueline Chan, DO

Lyme disease specialist

“What this world needs is more energy machines like yours!”  

Dr Arthur Gertler, MD

Lyme disease specialist

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