Five Neo Wellness was founded by Jim Manalisay, H.P.  Holistic Practitioner, CTA (Certified in Trauma and Allergy).  His goal is to strengthen your health, remove blocks with financial success, improve your relationships, heal confidence barriers and rebalance spiritual traumas.  Using a combination of five new effective wellness therapies, Jim can help in multiple categories.  The techniques Jim offers are detailed on the Wellness Page.  On the Videos Page, there are educational media and client testimonials, as well as doctor references.

Jim Manalisay has a diploma from The Pacific Academy of Energetic Medicine through special studies in Meridian Trauma and Allergy.  Jim has studied holistic wellness care for over 20 years and now specializes in infection healing, allergy relief and mental/emotional wellness. As the co-founder of A.C.T., Jim offers advanced healing work that is comfortable, safe and effective for all ages.

“A.C.T. we not only reprogram self limiting beliefs, we can instantly repair chronic health imbalances people get under stress.”  

The San Francisco Examiner

“simple procedures that don’t require injections, disrobing or physical adjustments...”  

86º Degree Magazine

“His methods are simple, elegant, quick, effective and non-toxic.  They are also extremely reasonably priced considering the complexity and severity of the symptoms he is treating.”  

Dr Jacqueline Chan, DO

Lyme disease specialist

“What this world needs is more energy machines like yours!”  

Dr Arthur Gertler, MD

Lyme disease specialist

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