Physical, Chemical, Emotional, Spiritual

We teach AK, Applied Kinesiology based muscle testing, which does not require disrobing or other discomforts such as X-rays, needles, blood draw, chemicals, toxins, manual bone adjustments or MRI cages.  We use a number of advanced acupressure, light therapy, magnetic stimulation, nutritional and NLP techniques to help the body, mind and spirit recover from complex imbalances.  Our AK testing methods are derived from Dr. George Goodheart, the founder of muscle testing.  We have defined his techniques and share knowledge with other medical colleagues who have over 45 years of holistic practice.

A.C.T. Protocol

"Affirmation Correction Technique" uses magnetic energy work

combined with advanced NLP, Neuro-Linquistics Programing.  This repair is

used to reduce emotional stress, allergies  infections, pain, inflammation, anxiety and blocks to productive financial or relationship choices.  A.C.T. is a remarkable, pain free, non evasive, energy based healing method co-founded by Dr Richard Fox H.M.D. and Dr Larry Gertler D.C.  This simple repair is also used to address complex spiritual fractures, weak chakras, nervous system shock and other energy field healing for spiritual balance.  A.C.T. has been seen to reduce mental breakdown, schizophrenia, phobias, low confidence, family projects, chakra damage, infections, meridian trauma and even help with anti-aging.


Emotional Freedom Technique EFT, Neuro - Emotional Technique NET and Total Body Modification TBM are all pressure point or nerve meridian healing modalities used

to reduce emotional overwhelm and injury shock which often manifests at muscle tension, pain, sudden fatigue, crying, poor digestion, allergy, chronic infection or phobia.  We apply and teach simple yet effective protocols to help improve physical, chemical and emotional states in people's bodies.

Light Therapy

We offer LED and spectrum light therapy, using Tesla pulse for intrinsic wireless light. This energy work is for those who suffer from low Chi, more chronic infections, digestive imbalances, chronic pain, chronic fatigue and spiritual imbalances.

Specialized Nutrition

Our services also includes providing specific nutritional support for faster healing, improved immune function, anti-aging, muscle strength, overall longevity, bone health, digestion and most every area of general care for the entire family, including pets.  We offer details on the 25 Body Types as researched by Dr. Carolyn Mein, D.C. for long term health through daily food choices that are designed for each individual.

Injury Recall Reduction

This form of T.B.M or Total Body Modification is designed to use acupressure and Applied Kinesiology techniques to reduce the meridian trauma in our nerves.  This therapy is primarily used to reduce shock to the nerves and reduce allergy in the nervous system so that allergy correction is more effective using our A.C.T. Magnetic Correction.  Another form of injury recall reduction used is Eye Movement Therapy, which helps with patients who experience old patterns or allergies returning later after healing work was done.

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