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Below are media kits that teach specific protocols. Each media kit has short video tutorials, documents and effective A.C.T. Protocols designed for the most common concerns. Our kits are made for those who have tried other methods without success. The goal is to reduce stress, release excess negative emotions and realign energy systems that most medical methods do not address.

No Needles / No Drugs / No Disrobing / No Pain / No discomfort No Toxins / No X-Rays / No MRI / No excess counseling

Allergy Reducer

This downloadable kit shows a simple way to test for allergies in seconds. No needles, no disrobing and no drugs. We include videos and easy to understand graphics that show simple steps on how to reduce or resolve allergies long-term. Reducing allergic sensitivity to environmental and important nutrition, can more than help with itching or inflammation, allergy reversal can prevent major illnesses, mental conditions, chronic fatigue and chronic digestive disorders.


Emotions and Trauma

This downloadable kit is one of our most helpful items, offered by our team. Reducing and resolving traumas and deep emotional upsets can have amazing results.  Most of our testimonials share how they experience near instant relief. Healing traumas greatly helps with tension, pain, digestive upset, fatigue, depression and anxiety.  We explain how anyone can reduce intense or chronic emotional stress can be greatly reduced or completely remedied. 


Infection Care

This downloadable kit is designed to expedite recovery, once a person has the flu or other chronic infections.  Often times, aching joints, brain fog or chronic fatigue is due to minor infections. The videos and documents in this kit show in minutes, how to balance insulin levels, connect cell communication and activate thymus energy.  If you have an extended cold / flu, unknown causes of low energy, are using other therapies for Lyme based infections or your joints / muscles ache for extended weeks, this kit may help.


Fatigue Reversal

This downloadable kit is designed to teach now to test and heal the sugar circuit. Repairing imbalances of the 4 circuits, allows the recovery of common problems with fatigue, low energy and digestive problems. The videos and documents in this kit, teaches in minutes, basic muscle tests with the legs and simple 30 second repairs which reduce and/or completely repair a person's glycemic processing circuits.

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25 BodyType Kit

This downloadable kit offers multiple videos and documents that outline the BodyType system as seen on "Inside Edition" and the "Morning News".  We teach simple techniques with testing which type you are.  There is also information about compatibilities, dietary recommendations and ways to understand how your type has predicable strengths and challenges.  The BodyType system also has 20 years of research to detail the ideal foods each type is inherently designed to have regularly or to minimize.


Pain Relief

This downloadable kit teaches simple ways to turn off pain at the energetic level.  We take you each step to testing for muscle tension in the neck, shoulders and back, caused by emotional upset, anxiety or fight-flight responses. Without drugs, surgery, needles or other slow therapies, we show how to stop the muscle tension that leads to pain.  Clients report relief in minutes from chronic pain, nerve pain, low back pain, headaches and eye strain due to tension.  

$39  Coming soon...

Wealth Accelerator

This downloadable kit explains how to reduce blocks to success. The protocols in this kit teaches how to test for blocks and how to release them.  If you feel fear, apprehension, anxiety or negative emotions around money or success, this kit helps release negative emotions and blocks. Clients report more clarity, less anxiety and more prosperity after clearing layers of blocks.  There are training videos and a specialized A.C.T. protocol included that can be repeatedly used.


Family Project Balance

This downloadable kit explains how to balance many layers of negative programming many of us experienced in our early lives. Videos in this kit explain how to use A.C.T. Protocols to reduce or remove layers of self sabotage programs that lead many people into damaging relationships, low self-esteem, confusion and financial struggles rather than a lifestyle filled with positive relationships, goals and responsible choices.


25 Personality Profiles

This downloadable kit offers multiple videos and documents that outline the BodyType system as seen on "Inside Edition" and the "Morning News".  We teach simple techniques with testing which type you are.  There are also basics about compatibilities, dietary recommendations and ways to understand how your type has predicable strengths and challenges.  The BodyType system also has 20 years of research to detail the ideal foods each type is inherently designed to have regularly or to minimize.



Metaphysical Elements

This downloadable kit explains powerful newly researched Chinese Metaphysical technologies from 7 thousand years ago. Learning about the 4 operating Elements, opens simple yet powerful understanding of the human operating system and facial shapes. Videos in this kit also show simple spiritual healing techniques that reset energy levels, reduce pain and strengthens a person's overall endurance to further breakdown.


Body Alignment

This downloadable kit explains how to align Chakras and spiritual fragmentations.  This kit offers videos that shares unique and hard to find information about the human spirit. Soul alignment and energy fields also need help and this kit explains how to use crystals or A.C.T. Protocols to stabilize that "out of body" experience, de-hydration, moodiness, fatigue and un-explainable sensations we often cannot clearly describe. 


Phobia Reduction

This downloadable kit teaches how to test for phobias or deep fear. Some of the most difficult times in our lives, careers or family life are from being inhibited by fear.  Phobias are even more uncomfortable since people experience actual feelings of panic.  This kit teaches how to reduce or release phobias, in minutes.  The reducing of fear opens doors for public speaking, traveling, making financial goals, taking chances and living a full life with less doubt or regret. 

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Ether & The Soul

This video kit explains how to test Ether levels, test your Element operation and understand about the human soul.  There is also a A.C.T. repair to rebalance your systems and energetic fields.  This kit is very import as it is the foundation for moving into higher health and clarity with upcoming new A.C.T. protocols for expanding the human spirit, the active brain use and IQ improvements.


Raising Self Esteem

This downloadable kit addresses the most harmful yet very common emotional imbalance, traumas and self limiting beliefs programs. Without months or years of expensive therapy, clearing these deep emotional upsets, are minutes away. This kit comes with a list of 36 common questions to check for which can also open new ideas to check for with each person, who is unique.


Anti-Aging Protocol

This downloadable kit is a weekly protocol.  It is designed to address the spirit, the DNA energy and the telomeres.  There is no special training or need to test how to use this protocol. We do teach how to test if the body is responding. Use this protocol to realign the body and spirit to support health and beauty. 

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