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Health - Wealth - Relationships - Confidence - Spirit

Each effects the other ...

 No drugs or needles.

√  No lengthy counseling.

√  No X-Rays or MRI.

√  No disrobing or pain. 

√  No ongoing fees.

We teach in minutes, what took 50 years of work to discover.  


Download the exact media kit you want to improve the areas of your life that need it.

25 years of results

Our techniques have been used very successfully for over 25 years.  Watch the above videos to hear from our past clients.

Our methods are unique, simple and derive from ancient discoveries. In seconds, clients report a great reduction with allergies, pain, blocks to success, phobias, serious mental disorders, anxieties, digestive upsets, chronic fatigue, insomnia, family disagreements, relationship problems, spiritual fractures, low esteem, chronic infections, early aging and depression. 

We now offer our discoveries in simple media kits.  These kits include short training videos, documents and an A.C.T. Protocol. Anyone can now learn these simple holistic techniques.  There is no need years of college, weeks of coaching, expensive seminars, drugs or ongoing clinical therapy. Most of our protocols take 5 minutes. Results can be experienced in seconds and will be greatly life improving. 

Get balanced...

Healthcare Professionals

Simplified for anyone to learn, especially those already informed about health, nutrition, energy, coaching, counseling or physiology.

Our discoveries come from doctors...

  AK Practitioners

√  Acupressure Healers

√  Energy Workers

√  Body Workers


√  Nutritionists

√  Chiropractic Doctors 

√  Life / Health Coaches

√  Osteopathic Doctors

A must for already trained healthcare workers

Ideal for infections and low Prana.

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Tesla Flame

Light medicine...

Turn of the century healing light therapy from technology originated from Nikola Tesla and his discoveries.

 From $3,993.00

√  22 Color Spectrum Tubes 

√  Noble Gas Light Frequencies

√  Low Power Static Flame

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