No Drugs.  

No Needles.

No Pain.

No Risk.

No Disrobing. 

No Joint Adjustments.

No Lengthy Counseling.

No Traveling.

No X-Rays or MRI.


Our YouTube Channel

Our techniques have been used very successfully for over 25 years.  Watch the above videos to hear from our past clients.

We have helped people with allergies, pain, blocks to money, phobias, serious mental disorders, anxieties, digestive upsets, chronic fatigue, insomnia, family disagreements, relationship problems, spiritual confusion, low esteem, chronic infections, early aging and depression. 

We now offer our discoveries in simple media kits.  These kits include short training videos, documents and an A.C.T. Protocol.  Anyone and everyone can now learn for themselves, how simple holistic techniques can be done by anyone.  You don't need years of college, weeks of coaching or ongoing therapy. Most of our protocols take 5 minutes. Results can be experienced in seconds. 

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